Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Move Me!

Well, we made it!  It is offical, the Blake Nelson family has made it to Morgan.  It has been a crazy and stressful, tear dropping last few weeks with the caos of packing, organizing, cleaning, and throwing away.  It could not have been done without my lovely mother! She herself has made 16 big moves, across Canada & continents.  How she did it I have no idea!   Anyways, thanks mom for all your late, late nights, crying grandchildren, crying daughter and sarcastic son-in-law :).  You're a gem!  But, its all worth it, right? when you get a sloppy good morning kiss from T and your little sunshine C running around the house asking for "Gamma? Gamma? Gamma?!"  Even a little "good night Grandma!"  from B.  Thank you again and again!  I love you! 
You probably experienced all those crazy moves so you could help your children do the same. I want to know which was your favorite packing experience, this latest one, Bonnie's or the time I almost lost my leg long boarding and was laid up in bed and had to be out of my apartment in 5 days. :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

One year olds' are always so busy, right?  Looking back on when T & B where little(r) I remember feeling like a chicken with her head cut off most days, especially when at the store or some public place.  I had forgotten how busy those cute little monsters where, until Lotti learned to walk and climb the stairs, and I am reminded of it ever morning, especially on the days when big bro. and big sis.  are away at school and not entertaining. 
Miss L. LOVES my bathroom and goes right for the cupboards. Her favorite is my product, where she basically climbs in and takes everything out.  As I try to pull her away she quickly panics and with arms flying in all directions, manages to knock over all bottles, pull out all my samples and supplies and yes the Q-Tips and femine products are always on her list too. 
The other morning as I was feeding Bode, I could hear some pitter, patter upstairs, followed by silence (never a good combination).   I went to investigate and while calling out her name, I startled her, obviously catching her in the act of some silly crime. Knowing she wasn't supposed to be into what it was she was into, she quickly ran past me, into the kids' bathroom and shut the door!  How cheeky!
I know its gross, but this just shows how she gets into EVERYTHING!
(no worries everything is all new)

She had two mini wheat's in her mouth as I took this picture!  Don't worry she managed to stomp on all but a few of these breakfast treats!

This is a horrible picture, but I just figured out how to take pics on my phone and then download them onto my computer.  When  T & B leave for school she runs to their room and shuts the door!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Orange Lips!

I love spring and all the color that comes with it! The pastels, turquoise and bright pinks are so fun! The color coral is one of my favorites and so when I picked up this color I knew there was no going back. I put it on today and my 4 yr old Bella says, "Ooh I love your orange lips mom!" She is always my biggest supporter, my husband on the other hand just shakes his head and smiles. I can tell its a bit too much for him:). Did he forget he married a beauty school graduate?! He probably wants to, especially when the hair feathers come knocking on our front door!:)

The color looks pink, but believe me its bright orange, I mean coral.

Liner: L’OREAL infallible in pink

Lipstick: Mirabella in pixie

Gloss: L’OREAL colour riche gloss in peach fuzz.

**Coming soon!** My beauty blog!
It is a project I have been working on for quite some time now, however, with two wonderful baby surprises and a new move I've needed to put it on hold. I have most of my work compiled together just waiting for a few loose ends to clear up and for my life to slow down a bit. But really, do our lives ever slow down?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Scripture Study

Lately, as a family, we have been making an effort this past year and a half to read our scriptures. With a family of four young children it seems as though not much registers with our children and thoughts might run through our heads that they aren't getting anything out of family home evening and scripture study at all. However, between the giggles and the whining they seem to be grasping the basic principles of the gospel. I remember when we starting reading and studying The Book of Mormon, (with young children we read from the Book of Mormon story book, then read certain versus from The Book of Mormon) the story of the Prophet Joseph Smith and the first vision was told, and without asking, Tristan just started telling the story in his baby English (this was about 2yrs ago). I realized at that moment all our efforts were not going to waste and how really important these commandments are.
It brings a smile to my face when Blake or I mention it is time to start reading the scriptures, Charlotte, my one year old, who can barely walk, runs to get the scriptures and hands them out one by one to each of us, then gets her "mini" Book of Mormon, sits down and begins to open it.
Lately, Tristan and Bella have been saying some fun things about scripture study. Today, for instance, we were eating dinner between their soccer games and had 30mins to spare, Tristan said a loud, "Hey guys, we have time to read our scriptures before my game!" How could we say no to that?
While finishing The Book of Mormon a few weeks ago and as we closed the book Bella shouts out, "We're done? Yes! Now we'll never have to read it ever again!" Little does she know:).

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Easter was a blast this year! As always! This year we headed to Morgan for the annual Easter Egg Hunt with Casey and Emily, Livie, Jet and baby Becca. There are hundreds of children lined up and all racing for the same egg. If you get an egg with a number on it you win a basket full of candy. All the kids got an Easter egg basket, even Becca and Bode. It is such a fun little tradition and our kids love it!
Getting ready for the egg hunt!
Easter is one of my favorite holidays! Maybe because I had a Mother and Grandmother who made it so special. The Easter Bunny would hide eggs all around our house in the morning when we woke up and leave a basket full for Easter goodies on the kitchen table. And we all got a new spring dress. (One year I had one with a hat and I thought I was so stylin').
We would then head to Grandma Tanner's for another Easter egg hunt and whoever collected the most eggs won the giant chocolate Easter bunny. After we would roll our eggs down Grandma and Grandpa's hill. So much fun!
This year the Easter Bunny hid eggs all around the house and front yard and left the baskets by the fireplace. The girls got matching pink dresses and boys matching vests and ties. While the majority of us were upstairs getting ready for church a little girl snuck downstairs and got into all, yes ALL, the chocolate eggs. Needless to say we were a little late for church that morning. :)
We also got to have Grandma and Grandpa Tollestrup come visit for the week. It is always so fun when they come! My kids were so sad to see them go and by the end of their trip Charlotte would hold out her arms to my mom and with a big smile say "Gamma!"

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Baby Bode

We are all so in love with this little guy! I could hold and rock him forever, even in the early, early hours of the morning (just don't mention that to my husband :)).
Isn't he a little doll? Charlotte thinks so! Whenever he whimpers, she immediately drops whatever she is doing and runs to his 'rescue' with kisses after kisses, 'soft' pats after pats and one big under duck in the swing! And, he bares her steam rollers with minimal or no cries! I think they will be great friends just like big bro and big sis. "BFF's" as Bella Reese calls them!
We love you so much Baby Bode!

Rise n' Shine

In the morning I usually wake up to this handsome face!

But today was different, I got this little sleeper!

This "little" guy is growning up way too fast, he is already 12 1/2lbs at 5 weeks!