Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Move Me!

Well, we made it!  It is offical, the Blake Nelson family has made it to Morgan.  It has been a crazy and stressful, tear dropping last few weeks with the caos of packing, organizing, cleaning, and throwing away.  It could not have been done without my lovely mother! She herself has made 16 big moves, across Canada & continents.  How she did it I have no idea!   Anyways, thanks mom for all your late, late nights, crying grandchildren, crying daughter and sarcastic son-in-law :).  You're a gem!  But, its all worth it, right? when you get a sloppy good morning kiss from T and your little sunshine C running around the house asking for "Gamma? Gamma? Gamma?!"  Even a little "good night Grandma!"  from B.  Thank you again and again!  I love you! 
You probably experienced all those crazy moves so you could help your children do the same. I want to know which was your favorite packing experience, this latest one, Bonnie's or the time I almost lost my leg long boarding and was laid up in bed and had to be out of my apartment in 5 days. :)


  1. Who knows which move was the "funniest" for her, but at least the other 3 kids are now probably NEVER moving ever. So it is up to us to keep her packing skills honed and ready in case they one day make a Million Dollar show like "So You Think You Can Pack!"

  2. Our mama's rock! Im so happy your mum got to come help you! I should have been a better friend and helped! Glad you finally made it to Morgan too, its so beautiful there! Maybe one day Rocket and I could make the drive for a picnic :)